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GALDEMODE was first an Instagram fashion blog for fun founded by Jasmine Miranda in 2018. As time went on within her journey as a creative, she knew she had a bigger purpose within healing others through her words and her imagination. As Jasmine's journey within GALDEMODE, she took her talents and put them all together, building a company focused on what life should feel like: Fun, Freedom, and Fulfilment. GALDEMODE is not like any other production company. It's about taking you on a journey, helping you tap into your creative side through fashion, film, and many more. GALDEMODE is more than a fashion and spiritual outlet. It is a place where you can come back to yourself with no judgment <3 


Our mission within GALDEMODE is to change how people think about the world. Through fashion films, pictures, podcasts, articles, and other mediums, we hope to bring our audience into a new dimension where fashion meets vintage and vintage meets futurism. Our goal here at GDM want to showcase the freedom and enlightenment that one feels by bringing art to life. We believe that studying spiritualism and going to the root of who you are will drive you towards being the absolute best you can be. 



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